Fogo Parish Church

Fogo Parish Church is a small church with a thousand years of history located in rural Berwickshire. The village of Fogo, in which the church sits, is accessed from the B6460 which runs from Paxton in the east to Greenlaw in the west. It is about three miles south of Duns and nine miles north of Coldstream.

Because of ministerial shortages in the Church of Scotland to which denomination Fogo Parish Church belongs, the congregations within the Presbytery of Duns have been joined together into parish groupings and unions. When the last round of such readjustment was undertaken in 2016 there was no readily identifiable home for the Fogo congregation. It was therefore put into Presbytery Guardianship and given a three-year period to see what future could be identified for it.

The tasks were twofold. First to see whether it was possible to build a viable congregation from what is a very small parish area and second to see if it was possible to take the building into local community ownership as it was considered surplus to requirements by the Presbytery and by the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland.

This website charts the progress towards achieving these goals. Already, by halfway through the three-year period, the congregation has grown sufficiently to enable us to move from meeting for worship once a month to meeting every Sunday of the year. A Community Trust is in the final stages of preparation and is working towards taking local ownership of the building early in 2019.

Four new elders have been admitted to the Kirk Session which is now engaged with members of the congregation and of the elected Congregational Board in planning for life beyond our three-year period of Presbytery Guardianship. We believe that God has good things in store for us and we are working hard to create a happy, outward-looking, mission-centred congregation which makes a difference to the community it serves.